Meetings are Just a Waste of Everyone’s Time?

Meetings can either be a huge waste of time or can be a game changer in your organization. Victoria Downing, president of Remodelers Advantage says, “This statement is both right and wrong. The wrong types of meetings are time-wasters. In fact they are worse than that because they are boring, undisciplined and accomplish little. But the right kind of meetings are team builders, culture enhancers, and help to get everyone on the same page and moving toward the same goals.

Try a mix of meetings from the every-morning-5-minute-huddle where each office staff person lists their top priorities for the day to weekly production and sales meetings to monthly key manager meetings to annual company retreats for planning the up-coming year. Use meetings efficiently (agenda, clear start and stop times, good facilitation) and you’ll be shocked at just how much you can accomplish.”

If you would like to become effective at running efficient meeting try Patrick Lencioni’s book Death by Meeting which in Lencioni’s own words, “focuses on a cure for the most painful yet underestimated problem of modern business: bad meetings. And what he suggests is both simple and revolutionary; Lencioni provides a framework for his ground-breaking model, and makes it applicable to the real world. Death by Meeting is nothing short of a blueprint for leaders who want to eliminate waste and frustration among their teams, and create environments of engagement and passion.”

I have read and highly recommend this book. It will make a big difference in your accomplishments in the new year and will help to mobilize your team to achieve your 2014 businesses goals. Best to you in the new year!