How to Find the Right Customers

Start by asking yourself what work you do that is almost effortless?  What do you do that gives you great satisfaction and pleasure?  What type of work do you enjoy and are really good at?  What type of things do you feel you do better than anyone else?  By making a list of these things you will be on your way to finding who needs the services that you render.

The next step is identifying who your current favorite customers are.  Take a moment to write down who your top 10 favorite clients are.  These are people that you enjoy working with.  When they call or you see them you are happy to talk with them.  It seems easy to serve them.  Go ahead and make your top 10 list.

Then talk with these customers and ask them some of the questions below.  You may need to change these question a little to fit your services.  Either call them up or ask them to have lunch with you or a cup of coffee.

  • What were your first impressions when you called our office?
  • What do you remember about the first meeting with the salesperson from our company?
  • What, if anything, were you surprised to learn about our company?
  • What were you delighted about in the process of working with our compa-ny?
  • How did you feel when we complet-ed your project?
  • What do you tell your friends about the experience of having us do work for you?
  • If we wanted to find more good people like you to work with what would you suggest we do?

Once you have identified who your best clients are, you know who to start working with.  Now you must develop a plan to seek out customers just like these.  For instance if you know what type of media your top clients read, then you can place an ad in that me-dia.  Once the right prospective clients start calling you, then you will know who they are.  Remember you don’t have to serve everyone who calls.  Most people are not your clients.  But the ones that are a right fit for you will make your life easier and more pro-ductive.