Why hire BAGL members?

Hiring a Contractor? Do Your Homework

One of BAGL’s top priorities is to educate consumers about finding and working with dependable contractors. Doing your homework can make all the difference in the success of your project.

  1. One way to ensure you have found a reliable, well-trained professional is to simply ask, “Do you belong to the Builders Association of Greater Lafayette?”
  2. Get referrals from neighbors, friends and family. Some of the best contractors get all their business by word of mouth.
  3. Explore our website to identify builders or remodelers listed in the Member Directory tab.
  4. Interview 3-5 prospects, in person.
  5. Verify your contractor’s background and check references – contact their materials suppliers, make sure they’re licensed by visiting the Department of Labor and Industry website, call recent customers.
  6. Nail down the contract – get all the details in writing.

Why should I hire a BAGL member?

The best professionals tend to join their industry associations. They seek opportunities to learn as much as they can about their industry and to stay on top of current events and issues, as well as to participate in industry-specific training and network with their peers. They join to give back to their industry and communities by participating in volunteer service efforts. They also join as agents of change, working to shape legislative and regulatory policies that support the housing industry. They find all this, and more, through BAGL membership.