Advantage Title is a real estate settlement services firm specializing in the facilitation of real estate closings and title insurance throughout the state of Indiana. Our site is designed to provide Realtors, Lenders, Builders and Consumers with information and tools to aid in the decision making process.

We are more than just a title company!


The mission of Audio Video Integrations, Inc. is to provide northern Indiana with the most complete and technologically advanced audio and video products on the market and to provide the highest level of quality installation available.

We offer convenient hours and appointment times and will meet customers at their home if they choose. We strive to maintain a courteous and knowledgeable staff, who make it their mission to strive for maximum customer satisfaction. AVI, Inc. performs the best installation quality available by continuous education and by following very strict guidelines. Audio Video Integration, Inc.’s craftsmanship does and will continue to stand out as “top notch.”

Audio Video Integrations, Inc. has over sixteen years of combined experience in the installation and design of home theater systems, background music systems, and more. We have experience in security systems, CCTV systems, cable distribution systems, church and P.A. sound systems, central vacuums, and data systems with a Category 6 certified installer.


Attention West Lafayette Small Business Owners:

Are You Sick and Tired Of Dealing With Computer Guys That Are Impossible To Reach, Won’t Follow Through, Can’t Fix Things Right, and Nickel and Dime You For Everything That They Do?

If so, give us a call and let us show you what fast, friendly and highly-responsive outsourced IT services should be for your small to medium business: 765-742-3440


Central Supply Co. has been serving Indiana’s Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Industrial needs for over 100 years. It is an expanding company whose aim is to provide the most effective coverage of products and services for contractors in the state of Indiana, as well as some of our neighboring states.


Dedicated to residential builders. Committed to better solutions.

Our mission is to challenge and empower builders to evolve the way they do business. To provide BIM consultation, technology, and services to the residential building industry. We seek to partner with and empower progressive builders to leverage technology in order to realize savings and efficiencies throughout their business.

We believe technology should work for you, not the other way around. We also believe that BIM technology should enhance an individual’s role, not diminish it. We’ve customized our technology solutions to meet the specific needs of the residential building industry saving you from wasting time and money on generic solutions built for a broader audience. And we don’t work alone, we’ve established key technology partnerships that offer you a more streamlined workflow. Just like all our services, you can add technology solutions at your own pace. Allowing you to truly do more with less by bridging gaps between sales, design, estimation, and purchasing.


Craig Wagoner

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